Maternity leave

Mothers are entitled to take maternity leave while receiving Maternity Allowance from Kela. You can go on maternity leave 50 days before the due date at the earliest and 30 days before the due date at the latest. You can choose yourself when to go on maternity leave. 
Maternity Allowance is paid for the first 105 days of entitlement.
You are entitled to Maternity Allowance if you have lived in Finland at least 180 days before the due date. Your entitlement to the allowance begins when your pregnancy has lasted 154 days.

Mothers can choose between a maternity package containing child care items and a cash benefit of 140 euros (tax free). In case of multiple birth, the number of maternity grants awarded increases on a graduated scale so that three grants are awarded in case of a twin birth and six grants in case of triplets.

The maternity package contains clothes for the baby and other useful items such as bodysuits, romper suits, leggings and overalls, blanket, cover, towel, sleeping bag, mattress, hairbrush, nail scissors, picture book. The contents of the package changes every year.