Paternity leave

Fathers can take between 1 and 18 days of paternity leave after childbirth in order to look after their child at home together with the mother. You can take the paternity leave at any time after the birth of your child while maternity or parental allowance is being paid. The paternity leave can be taken in up to 4 separate periods.

"Daddy month" (extended paternity leave)

In addition to a paternity leave after childbirth, fathers can take a full month of paternity leave. This is referred to as a ‘daddy month’.
Fathers who take the last 12 working days in the Parental Allowance period get 1-24 additional working days of leave. The daddy month can last between 13 and 36 working days. ’Working days’ means Monday to Saturday, not including official holidays that fall on a weekday.
Adoptive fathers are also entitled to a daddy month. In a registered partnership, the partner who is adopting the other’s biological or adoptive child is regardless of gender entitled to a daddy month. When granted to a woman, the daddy month is referred to as a benefit equivalent to the daddy month.