Transitive and intransitive verbs

A transitive verb is a verb that is causing something to an object.

Patienten fällde skålen i golvet. (The patient dropped the bowl on the floor)

An intransitive verb does not express that someone was the cause for something to happen

Patienten föll i trappan. (The patient fell in the stairs.)

The T & I verbs vary, they can be regular, irregular or strong.

Here is a list of them:

Brinna - Bränna = to burn

Stå - Ställa = to stand and to place something standing up

Ligga - Lägga = to lay and to place something laying down

Sova - Söva = to sleep and to put to sleep

Sitta - Sätta = to sit and to place 

Drunkna - Dränka = to drown

Falla - Fälla = to fall and to fell

Sjunka - Sänka = to fall and to lower 

Svartna - Svärta = to blacken

Slockna - Släcka = to go out (candle light) and to turn off

Vakna - Väcka = to wake up 

Dö - Döda = To die and to kill

Spricka - Spräcka
= to burst